About Tornex

About Tornex


Tornex, an in-house division of Syscom Building Management Ltd, offers a range of products from around the world including Smoke Filtration Equipment, Air Sanitisation products, and Ozilite Automatic Flameless Cigarette Lighters.

Formerly known as Tornex (Europe) Ltd, our origins were established in Japan in the early 1960’s with the invention of the Warm Air Curtain System by Tornex Inc. From these origins our focus on Air Flow Technology and Smoke Filtration was established in Europe in the 21st century.

Over the last decade we have been developing relationships with innovative companies worldwide to expand our product range and bring high quality patented products to Europe from a variety of technologies.

Technology moves forward at a pace that many of us find difficult to keep up with. At Tornex, we are constantly researching, developing and understanding new ideas and methods of working. Our factories in Tokyo and Shanghai enable us to turn these ideas into reality.